1. Why Should I Buy Lamp Belts From TSK?
For more than 10 years, TSK's lamp belts have been proven against cracks, unlike those sold by others, which easily crack. History has proven that it lasts for 10 years or more. We maintain to buy from the same manufacturer
2. How is KSS Taiwan Cable Clips Different From Other Brands?
Brunei's concrete is harder unlike those used by neighboring countries. Therefore, we need sharper and higher steel quality materials that enable us to install or nail faster. The PVC material used in KSS Taiwan Cable Clips is of high UV-Resistance which keeps it from turning yellow and brittle over time, again as proven through history.
3. What is The Difference Between SYLVANIA 3W Bulbs vs. Other Brands?
Sylvania is an international USA company and has been proven in the market for more than 10 years now. Why buy low-quality items more than once when it's more costly this way? It is also bad for the environment?

4. What Makes TSK's Festive Lights Special?
  • We give 1-Year Guarantee for all Festive Lights sold.
  • End-to-end connection possible , leading to savings on:
  • o Unnecessary Additional Wire Cost
    o Installation Time
  • No Specialist/Electrician Required. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Installation!
  • Approved and Certified by International Standards like TUV, KEMA, IMQ, UL, CE CA
  • We prioritize safety for you.