TSK Sdn Bhd is a leading distributor of electrical, datacom and lighting products, committed to consistently providing first-rate customer service coupled with the finest quality, most innovative and cost effective solutions to suit every customer's need that exceed expectations.

Our range offers the widest choice of specialist and stock products from key brands as well as our own brand, BILUX. With three major branches and a warehouse, we're never far away and our highly trained and strong workforce are ready to offer helpful advice and unrivalled support to ensure a professional service second to none, helping thousands of customers build and improve their homes and businesses.

The company is focused to consistently provide first-rate customer service coupled with finest quality, most innovative and cost effective electrical, data and lighting solution to suit every customer's electrical and safety requirements that exceed expectations – all the time.


In 1968, Mr. Ting Sii King started as a small electrical contractor in Brunei and operated under the name of Ting Sii King Electric Company. Then, in 1979, he opened his first electrical cum lighting shop in Seri Complex.

The untimely death of Mr. Ting Sii King devastated the family members in 1985 but the business has to move on with Ms. Mary Ting, the eldest daughter, leading the trading business and Mr. Simon Ting, the first cousin, managing the electrical engineering business.

In May 1991, Mr. Henry Ting, the eldest son, came back from U.S.A. with an Electrical Engineering degree to wit. From there onwards, coupled with the local and regional economic boom, the company has expanded and diversified itself into other businesses.

Ting Sii King Electric Company Sdn Bhd was split into two companies in November 1997 to: Ting Sii King Electrical Supplies Sdn Bhd and TSK Engineering Sdn Bhd with separate ownership. This move was aimed to intensify quality service to customers in the government and private sectors alike.

The latest innovations along with rigorous trainings, seminars and exhibitions attended by the management and staff conferred thorough knowledge of the market that instituted a remarkable level of expertise that contributed to building business contacts and reputable overseas suppliers' trust making the company the sought-after local distributor of leading international suppliers and manufacturers alike.

TSK Sdn bhd has two branches namely in Gadong and Seri (Batu Satu) areas. The company also manages a warehouse in the Kg. Salar Industrial Area where stocks are kept to maintain a systematic flow of maximum stock quantity, while at the same time housing the assembly area where the new line of high demand modular fittings are made.

Today, TSK Sdn Bhd is over 30 employees strong and remains committed to convey professionalism and expertise in their various fields of work, from the administrative, technical, to the sales and marketing teams.